HOLIDAY MARKET @ Metro Art Studios

Please join me as I kick-off the holidays with the awesome artists here at METRO Art Studios in Bridgeport. Come celebrate and check out our new spaces this Saturday!

@ Metro Art Studios
Saturday, December 4
12 to 4pm

Toast the holidays with Prosecco in my studio (#201)
Visit The Gallery at Metro for our first show Books on the Verge
Shop for creative and unique gifts in the artists’ festive studios.

METRO Art Studios is located in the historic Crown Corset factory building on Railroad Avenue in the South End of Bridgeport, Connecticut. The three-story building is being meticulously renovated to accommodate fine artists in 38 studios. The grounds will include space for outdoor performances and a public art garden featuring murals and sculptures by local artists. The Crown Corset factory, built in 1907, manufactured corsets, hoop skirts, and other foundation garments. The 500 mostly female workers of the factory walked out in August 1915, joining a strike of garment workers in Bridgeport that led to all American workers having an 8-hour work day. The creativity and productivity of the building lives on with the vibrant and thriving arts community that now resides within its walls.

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